Out with some of the old, in with some old and some New!

This New Year I looked at the good and the bad of 2017. A woman I know in a business group recently posted what she did right and what she did wrong in building her business over the past 4 years as part of her New Year plans. I read it with such interest because it was heart wrenchingly honest and I could see myself making mistakes and wishing I had done things differently, Sometimes wanting to give up, but drawing on my hope and drive to keep going regardless. She was so spot on about the things we do based on fear of what we think might hold us back or get in the way.  Truth is, its that fear that of whatever you are fearing that gets in the way. What impressed me most about this post she made was that through the mistakes, she saw so much good and learning in that process. I think this exercise can hold true for many things in life and I encourage you to try it when making your plans for the new year.

Here is an example:

Last year, I bought so many “cheap” special offer creams and lotions – (snake venom for bags under my eyes) and subscription face cream products for an easy fix and never finished any of them because, they were useless.

But because of this, I spent some time looking into highly recommended products by my friends, evaluated them and picked one that I think works best for me at a price that I can afford, and I use it regularly. Add to the fact that I can see such visible differences and I know its a winner! I already have a winning solution for this new year!

In 2017 I tried to follow every recommendation from other women and what it left me with were a bunch of ideas that I wasn’t really clear or comfortable with. I purchased courses for weight loss, bought books about different ways to exercise, and didn’t read them all the way through, nor incorporate any of the exercises into my life.  This new year, I plan to look at things more discerningly and think about why I am so drawn to impulse buys that are rarely successful except for spending my money.

But, because of this I really went deep and figured out what makes me tick What does and doesn’t work for me, and started on a brand new plan of my own, that works. 79lb weight loss is proof of it, and I feel good, have more energy, and …yes, another big win. The exericises I truly love? Waking in nature, swimming, and I think I am going to really like yoga in 2018.  This is a New Year resolution I am bringing with me, not the mistake, but where it took me as I learned in the process.

See how it works? I don’t feel like a failure, I don’t feel like I wasted my time, and for all the things that I may have done wrong in 2017, there are so many things I did right that I can carry with me in this new year. Try it for yourself. Think of one thing that you believe you did wrong last year..then think about the good that came out of it, or if you don’t have anything yet, think about what you can do in 2018 that makes good out of it!  Build your new year on a positive platform.

If you can, post your mistake and the right that came out of it, or what you plan to do in 2018! You are part of this wonderful circle, so please share your experiences and let’s help each other BLOOM!

Note:  For the first time in my life I created a VISION BOARD with great clarity.  I used “> this book by Christine Kane that you might find interesting!  It really changed the way I think about resolutions, getting clear on my dreams and moving ahead in 2018!  And its only $2.99!

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