Sand lines

I created this site “Worth Her Weight” because I wanted to prove that you could be healthy and happy regardless of your size and I wanted others to join me on the journey.  And 4000 followers later, I am happier, healthier and more active than I have ever been.  I have done more this past year, with fellow fearless women and it has liberated me.  Last year was about getting out of my comfort zone and being FEARLESS.  And I was.  Boxing, Belly Dancing, Travel, Speaking up, figuring out my values without advice, and living it all out, regrouping, evaluating and setting out again helped me begin to build a foundation that would support me.

It has also been scary and challenging and often times I have reverted back to the dieting/exercise hamster wheel thinking the next diet pill might work, or that new exercise contraption is the answer to my weight loss.

And then I do a reality check, check the facts from other consumers,

And get back on my path.

It’s not always easy, but it does get easier every time I make a choice to listen to my heart, body and soul and choose joy.  It gets easier when I push past the shame and embarrassment and just do it anyway.  It gets easier when I speak up and communicate my needs so that I am more comfortable when trying new things.  And more and more I find that people are understanding and compassionate and will do what they can to help, if they can.

But today, I draw a line in the sand.  Today I step over the line in the sand and declare myself no longer governed by size, weight, obesity, and unhealthy living.  I have watched, and payed attention and now know what it takes to be fully present, fully engaged, soulfully full.  It’s quite simple really.

Today I declare that I am worth the life I want.  I am worth the life I now have.  And the more I choose to view it from a joyful place, the more of the good stuff I want.  You see, I have spent so much time worrying about what to eat and what not to eat as if punishing myself for being fat.  But when I choose to live my life full, and joyful, my body declares my worth, and I am content, and not in need of overindulgence in things that no longer fill me up.

The transition came slowly.  Pages and pages in my journal getting all the negative thoughts out and on paper I began to see my words support my beliefs.  Deep breathing and simple things like staying hydrated and turning off the television once in a while.  Slower eating and kind words to myself and to others, and staying focused simply on the act of bringing joy into my life.  It was that easy.  And it was also that hard.

The hard part was years and years of beating myself up and allowing others to tell me what I needed to be happy.  The hard part was opening up to the kind and gentle voice that was pushing me toward my passions, my interests, my wants and true needs by acting on them, testing them out, keeping what was truly mine and passing up I those things I “should do” or truly never wanted to do but felt pressured to do it because someone thought it was best.

The most important thing I have done was worked hard at believing I knew more than I give myself credit for, and listening to how my thoughts, words and actions were merely unhealthy answers to my body‘s true desires.

I said no, because I didn’t know better.

Now I do.

This is your time.  This is my time.  There is no right or wrong way to paving the path on your journey.  It is built one step at a time.  There are setbacks that lead to comebacks, and successes that feel so good you just want to keep going.  And you do.

It’s time now; my word for this year is BUILD. I have laid the foundation, and now it is time to BUILD.

Will you join me?

In what area will you draw a line in the sand and cross over?  Sometimes a visual “crossing over”, ”burying the hatchet”, burning negative thoughts in a fire pit are all examples of how to let go so you can let the good in.

Come back won’t you?  I think we could all use some support, encouragement and examples of joyful living in our own way.


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