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Taryn Here…Weighing In.

Are you weighing yourself down with negative thoughts, choices and behaviors?

Are you tired of being told how you should look, how to exercise, how to dress?  Are you sick of talk about what’s good for your body, eating habits, choices and even your dreams and aspirations by people who don’t understand or who haven’t been where you are right now?

Do you truly want to find your place in the world, YOUR WORTH, in YOUR WAY on your own timeline? And are you looking for a place that gives you breathing space to express what is going on it that beautiful, awesome head of yours?  Could honest, real life stories from people who have had similar experiences help you on your journey to discovery?

Hear what Readers are saying:

“To experience Taryn’s expertise is like diving headfirst into a deeply cool, clear lake. What she offers in coaching, counseling, mentoring and training is phenomenal. She is adept in public speaking, educational forums, and other organized platforms as a woman’s advocate.  What makes her, her story, and her approach so very compelling is her empathy and immediate understanding of another’s background, circumstance, and situation.

When you do make that initial plunge, what you’ll find is that Taryn’s steadfast knowledge and reliable resource network are amazing. She’s a woman who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. She is immediately relatable, yet her still, centered waters run more deeply than one might first guess. Not only is Taryn amazingly well traveled with a broad range of life experience, but she is a true seeker of human knowledge and interest stories. She has a true heart for helping others and is uniquely equipped for her life’s work and mission.”

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I am Taryn, Creator and Lead Encourager of WORTH HER WEIGHT.  If you’ve read this far, then you belong here and I hope you will make the decision to sign up and start receiving your own copy of my weekly newsletter right in your in-box.  I know where you are.  As an obese woman who physically survived a rape in college and used food and alcohol to deal with my pain, I was either going to die or fight for my life.  But I wasn’t just going to survive.

I knew I needed my own personal support group and I knew deep in my soul that it wasn’t all about overeating, lazy thinking, feeling good or just looking like the smaller population around me. I knew it had to start within, and I knew I had to surround myself with people who got me, who understood the pain, who cared about my future, and who would spend time helping me heal on my own terms.  Yes, there had to be a little bit of accountability – I mean, how much moaning and groaning can one person do about their weight before a loved one speaks up and says, “Get off the couch and get moving?”

Here’s the thing.  That group didn’t emerge from those closest to me. Not because they didn’t care, but because they were too close to the problem. I had to seek out people that had what I wanted, or who set an example for me regarding how I wanted to live my life.  And then I had to approach them.  But I didn’t know what to ask, because at the time, I wasn’t sure what the IT was.

Well, years have passed and I figured out the IT, and I have been encouraging and supporting women in their journey all over the world.  I have learned that it isn’t always “ABOUT ME” and the more I evolve into the caring, encouraging woman I want to become, the more I realize that there are so many women of all sizes who need that kind of support and encouragement.

If you are like me, you need your confidence back. You need to get inside and find that excited energetic dreamer with the Can Do attitude and you need to make your dreams come true right where you are today.

Have I lost the weight?  Nope, not yet.  Do I know how hard it is?  Yes I do, and I have come to realize that weight isn’t the issue. I have to find myself right where I am.  And that I have done. I am confident and full of myself, and I know I can do anything I set my mind to regardless of my size. I am big, beautiful and so WORTH IT.  And yes, I am enough. YOU ARE TOO.

So, if you want to become a part of this BIG new community supporting one another without judgment or labels, then sign up in the box below.  Come on and WEIGH IN on some of the discussion.

You might just change a life.  And it might just be yours.


3 Responses to Taryn Here…Weighing In.

  • Hi Taryn,

    I got here from your comment at Marie Forleo’s site – couldn’t find a way to contact you directly so I’m leaving a comment here. I am a chubster myself having argued with my body most of my life. At the urging of the Universe, I started Crossfit classes and have found them to be an AMAZING way to shift how I feel in and about my body. Even though I started thinking “There’s no way I can do any of this stuff!”, I’m here two months later so happy that I tried and thrilled at what I CAN DO and how far I’ve come. The best part about it, though, has been the enormous self-confidence that accompanied this journey. It’s had an effect on so many parts of my life that I didn’t relate to it at all.

    I’d love to talk more with you about it and if you’re open to a guest post, I’d love to do that on your site. :) Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

    You’re doing great work here – we all need to feel safe and comfortable in our body to do the work our soul came here to do!


  • Lisa, thank you for posting and yes I would love a guest post. I sent you an email message, but haven’t heard back. Let’s talk!

  • Debra Ferguson says:

    I am a plus size Yoga instructor and want to reach out to other plus size people interested in moving and meditating in a safe and supportive environment. I am definitely a minority in my community and want to use my size as motivation to others that you don’t have to be stick thin or be able to put your body into the shape of a pretzel to gain positive effects from Yoga and meditation. I am a member of Dahn (Energy) Yoga, the DC regional coordinator of Meditation Circles (over 50 active free classes) and a LifeParticle Ambassador as well. What it all comes down to is that I lead Yoga and Meditation to enable people to make the changes that they truly want in their lives.

    There is a documentary that I am sharing called “Change The LifeParticle Effect” that I present to groups, large and small for FREE. I am also interested in leading Yoga classes for Plus size people to introduce them to the practice and provide them will moral support in feeling good about themselves exactly where they are at this moment in time, no judgment.

    Please let me know if you would like to support this and how we can get started.

    I can be reached at

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