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Are you tired of being told how you should look, how to exercise, how to dress?

You have willingly looked for information, for advice, and for help all over the internet and book shops and self-help websites. The last thing you expect to find is a golden ticket, but something that feels less difficult would be nice for a change. Are you sick of endlessly talking about what’s good for your body, what your eating habits ought to be, or what daily choices you should be making, by people who don’t understand you, and may never have been where you are right now? You may be weighing yourself down with negative thoughts, choices and behaviors — because you don’t think you can stick with the things you think you’re being told are ‘the right way’ to have the healthy, wellness-filled life you really want.

What if the answer — for you, on your own terms — was easier than everything you’ve found thus far?

You can find your place in the world, and articulate and claim YOUR WORTH, in YOUR WAY on your own timeline. You can find a place that gives you breathing space to express what is going on it that beautiful, awesome head of yours. Within these pages are honest, real life stories from people who have had similar experiences. Mine is one of them, and yours can be too.


I’m Taryn, and I am here to help you realize how worthy you already are.

Hear what Readers are saying

To experience Taryn’s expertise is like diving headfirst into a deeply cool, clear lake. What she offers in coaching, counseling, mentoring and training is phenomenal. She is adept in public speaking, educational forums, and other organized platforms as a woman’s advocate.  What makes her, her story, and her approach so very compelling is her empathy and immediate understanding of another’s background, circumstance, and situation. When you do make that initial plunge, what you’ll find is that Taryn’s steadfast knowledge and reliable resource network are amazing. She’s a woman who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. She is immediately relatable, yet her still, centered waters run more deeply than one might first guess. Not only is Taryn amazingly well traveled with a broad range of life experience, but she is a true seeker of human knowledge and interest stories. She has a true heart for helping others and is uniquely equipped for her life’s work and mission. Shauna Lee Lange

Founder, Your Personal Concierge

“I have known Taryn for almost 10 years and even though that seems like a long time, we have only met face to face once! I have enjoyed using her as a sounding board for ideas. She is a very creative and encouraging listener, giving thoughtful and motivating feedback along with practical advice to just about every project I have discussed with her. Many times, she sees much deeper than what is presented on the table, pushing you to go above and beyond, helping you to expand your horizon. She has a gentle spiritual side that lends to her passing along tidbits of wisdom that she does not mind sharing! This spiritual side comes with a tender heart that sees the best in you and a desire to help you bring about a fulfillment to any vision or desire!” Deborah Phillips

Taryn is an amazing force of nature on the planet. She so effortlessly uses her feminine intuition to tap into the most vulnerable places with grace and courage–helping you to see, know, be, rise–into the best expression of you. Her presence is both exhilarating and immensely healing. So many times Taryn has helped me to see life from a higher, wiser, truer, richer, freer, vantage point. Perspective is everything. It shifts consciousness. Her heart and mind are both pure gold. She is a healer on so many levels. I highly recommend Taryn to anyone choosing to live a truly beautiful life. Julie Sergel

Founder, I am Citizen Jane

More Testimonials

Spending time with Taryn helped me have a better understanding of my special gifts and soulful aspirations.   Now that I know what drives me, its like having my own personal road map for success.  Taryn has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and connecting the dots for big shifts to happen.

Elizaabeth Moseley

Taryn is a rare jewel.  Seriously, I can’t say enough about her.  She has such keen insight that she shares in a positive and compassionate manner.  The depth of her knowledge is apparent in everything that she does and her level of care for her quality of work is off the charts.   I wish I could keep her all to myself!

Rhonda Lee

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